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Exceptional Education Outreach (EEO) is a public, non-profit special education and literacy project operating in the Bahamian Family Islands. For more than 5 years TRIO has been donating time and money to this amazing cause. We have built schools on the islands and supported their educational goal of providing education for all.

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Join TRIO in Supporting the People of Harbour Island

If you follow TRIO and our DO GOOD Program – or if you know our founder, Angela Harris, – you understand we have a special place in our hearts for Harbour Island. If you are able, we’d love if you considered making a donation.

Where are they Now

Your Support Makes a Difference

Thanks in part to donations like yours, EEO students are getting quality education and improving the communities they live in. Students all credit the EEO with enriching their lives. Take a peek at what a few former EEO students are doing now.

“Thanks to the EEO I was able to attend technical school and I'm now studying culinary arts while also working at Sweet Spot on Harbour Island.”


“I'm currently working as Head Hospitality Manager at Valentines Resort and, according to my reviews, a 5-Star Service Rockstar!”


“The EEO helped me get my pilots license! And my amazing sister is EEO teacher Jeni.”


“EEO enabled me to get a job at North Eleuthera airport. I'm so thrilled that I love brightening peoples' days with a smile, no matter how hectic the airport gets.”


To our clients and friends who have supported and partnered with us through the years, and made our success possible, we extend our deepest gratitude.

This year, on your behalf, TRIO has donated to a cause that is near and dear to our hearts and will help ensure a brighter future for those less fortunate.  For more than five years, TRIO has been donating our time and funds to this amazing cause and now your generous gift is helping to build and improve schools, providing school supplies, and enabling hundreds of students to receive the education and guidance they so richly deserve. THANK YOU!

Angela and the entire TRIO Team

Life is Short • DO GOOD

TRIO’s passion for making the world a more beautiful place extends beyond interior architecture and visual merchandising. With the DO GOOD Program our commitment is to strengthen less fortunate communities and cultivate equal opportunity by donating a portion of our revenue to various non-profit organizations. Have a cause we might be able to help with? Lets us know.


Watch our documentary on the Exceptional Education Outreach (EEO) program. The EEO is a public, non-profit special education and literacy project operating in the Bahamian Family Islands. TRIO built a new school for this deserving organization and made it a focal point of the DO GOOD Program – the story was so good we had it documented.

Produced & Directed by our talented friends at F4D Studio.